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Monday, May 5, 2014

Travel Book Workshop 18 May

Девочки, это у меня организационный пост для моего первого МК =)) 
Hello ladies! If you are reading this then probably you are coming to my Travel Book workshop on the 18 May. This is just a quick post with the materials which I have bought for the workshop and a list of essential materials. I am also in the middle of doing a sample travel diary. I should have it up in my blog next weekend- just to give you an idea of what we will be making. 

So we have a 12 X 12 Papermania Ahoy There set- there are enough pages for 4 people to make their travel book from it.
Bo Bunny Detour 12 x 12 pack- I am doing my sample travel book from this set of papers, but there will be enough left for another diary. 
Kaiser Craft 12 x 12 pack- I think this will be a nice set to use for the covers of our diaries. There are 2 fab pages there that look like sand! It would be ideal for a cover of sea side inspired travel book.
Papermania 8 x 8 Manmade paper set- there will be enough for 6 people. This set does look like the less obvious choice for a travel diary, but it will definitely work. There are pages inside with outlines of buildings, parks, cars, bicycles, sky and planes. I think I will use that one during the workshop.
2 sets of Authentique papers- this is where I messed up a bit. This papers were under the 12 x 12 papers section online so I bought them thinking its the big set. Only to realise that is a small set. But not to worry, we can still use the pages as photo mats etc. The craft pack is an A5 size and will also come in handy.
Some journaling cards, die cuts and tags. 
Some stamps with a travel theme. I will also bring in some of my own stamps which will suit the travel theme. I have actually done up a big post with most of my stamps before- if you can spot something that you would like to use- leave me a comment and I will make sure I have them on the day. I know probably not all of you have a blogger account so I will allow anonymous users to post comments until the workshop is done.
Binding rings, eyelets (I will bring my cropadile on the day as well) and brads.
To embelish we will use washi tape, wooden embelishments and twine.

I have also done up a list of essentials which you will need to bring yourselves:
  • Scissors or craft knife or paper trimmer whichever you use usually. Myself I use all of them, I will probably bring my paper trimmer on the day to speed things up
  • Glue and double sided tape- I am about half way through the sample diary which I am making and I have already used a full roll of tape. So I would say 2 rolls of double sided tape at least. Easons have a single roll for 1.50 euro on sale and the Euro 2 shops have 2 rolls for 1 euro. 
  • Ink for stamping- ideally black ink, whichever you usually use. Distress ink is optional, if you are distressing-don't forget a sponge or distress tool. Myself I cut up a kitchen sponge into 4 pieces and use it to distress. If you don't have any ink, let me know in the comments and I will have some images stamped and cut out beforehand. 
  • If you have your own cropadile or eyelet setter and you could bring it in that would be great. I only have one and we will have to share. 
  • Acrylic block- I have one spare one that I can share. 
  • Work mat- I think Aileen told me that most of you are cardmakers anyway and that you have the mats. I do have one spare one again that I can bring in in case not everyone has one. 
  • Score tool if you have one- we will need it for the cover of the diary. I don't have one and use an old knitting hook instead. Or an old pen that doesn't write will do the trick as well. 
  • Pencil,ruler and rubber- I will have some extra ones on the day. 
  • Foam tape and foam squares is optional, but I thinkthey are great and definitely add an extra bit of volume. You can get 3 rolls of foam tape for 1.49 in Dealz. And you can get a bit sheet of foam squares for 1.99 in Art and Hobby. 
  • Glue gun, glossy accents- again are optional whichever you usually use to glue embelishments. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or maybe a suggestion. My email is katya7776@yandex.ru and you can find me on facebook here

See you all on the 18th!

Katya x


  1. удачи в проведении мастер класса! это первый мк, который ты проводишь?я бы к тебе записалась, будь я где-нибудь поближе :)

    1. Приветик, ага первый был на прошлых выходных =)) Группа 6 человек =)

  2. Катя, удачи))))Какое богатство))))Из "морского стиля" -бумаги делала альбом. а вот "мужскую"-хочу тоже такую купить. а вообще всё такое красивое))))Потом фотки покажи))))

    1. У нас мужская бумага в ход не пошла и мне самой она не нравится. Думаю продать набор что ли

  3. Thanks Katya for a great workshop. A long day but very rewarding. Now I'm going to try a mini album on my own!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thank you so much again for coming! I'd love to see the photos when your second album is done!


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